In Maremma between nature and sea you can enjoy a holiday in total serenity, with the whole family in a moment of relaxation and fun

Tours for families with children

Where to go with children in Maremma

A nice way to bring children to nature and raise awareness towards environmental care is to involve them in the visit of the Maremma Park. Various paths and routes, such as the various excursions organized on the backs of donkeys. There are varied paths, designed to take advantage of a fun and alternative way to visit the park of the Maremma, even for the smallest, in close contact with nature.

How to plan a family vacation with children in Maremma

When you organize visits involving children in family holidays is very important to be well organized in all principal aspects. The tour should be followed at different rates than the visits for adults only, it is necessary to avoid destinations too far away from the stopping point chosen. Also remember to provide yourselves a backpack or a bag with water, some food, some entertainment to give to children and some accessories of first necessity so you can always be ready even in places or moments when you cannot find a dining point or a shop.

What to bring on vacation with the family

If you are traveling by car, can be useful to fill a bag with a real kit for small emergencies. A large towel, drinking water, some creams and patches are the minimum necessary to meet the needs that may arise along the way. It could also be useful to include a small handbag to give to the baby of the family, perhaps with a small bottle of water, his toy of the moment and a sheet with numbers and addresses in the unlikely event he should get away and lose himself.