The most innovative camping solution in Tuscany with our wooden tents, equipped with every service, also to take care of your children, great for family vacations or for a romantic weekend in pairs.

Glamping, curtains for the whole family

The Glamping area of Camping Village Rocchette is the cheapest, the most convenient and comfortable option for summer holidays in Maremma. The Lodge Tents can accommodate up to five people, so they are perfect for a family holiday. The Lodge Tents are made of wood and fabric; they have two separate bedrooms, a double bedroom with a French bed and an independent triple one. The Glamping area is immersed in the greenery of Mediterranean vegetation typical of Maremma vegetation. For small families, there are also Double Mini Lodges, which allow you to have two adjoining rooms keeping your privacy in any case.

The tents are equipped for children

Our Lodge Tents are ideal for families with children, because their shape allows you to have a lot of space divided by a place to stay and rest. The Lodge Tents have two separate bedrooms, one double and a triple one; you can have rest while still keeping your privacy. Also with all the facilities inside the Lodge tent, you will have everything you need to take care of your children. From the equipped kitchenette to the comfortable wooden and steel bathroom with shower. Camping life has never been so comfortable as now, with the new trend of camping comfort, the Glamping. The Lodge Tents also have a large veranda, equipped with table and chairs, where you can spend some time once you come back from the seaside or eat with the whole family.

The comfortable campsite for couples

Have you never heard from your partner, “no at the campsite, please no, it is uncomfortable”? The idea of Glamping goes far beyond this old idea. In addition, for those who want to enjoy a camping holiday comfortably, our Mini Lodge is the cheapest solution to camp with all the benefits of a bungalow or a brick accommodation. Mini Lodge offers a large French bed, electric power and private fridge. A new way of thinking about camping holidays, your partner will have no more excuses, because the Glamping comfort is a key factor, all immersed in the thick and lush vegetation characteristic of the Tuscan coast.
Glamping holidays, style, comfort and fun even in camping, in the most beautiful Maremma!