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The distance between Castiglione della Pescaia and Rome (called also the Eternal City) is about 210 km and it’s easy reachable by train, bus or car.

It’s impossible to explain the story of Rome and mention all its beauties in few lines but it’s obligatory to talk about the Coliseum, one of the seven wonders of the world; situated in the centre of the city, the Coliseum is easy to reach both by bus as well as by underground and it’s really worth visiting! The Flavian Amphitheatre was once the object of fighting between warriors and wild beasts and was also used for simulations of naval battles.

The Phantheon, next to the Coliseum, is the first church that divides the sacred and the profane. According to the legend, the Phantheon was built when Romulus, after his death, was taken to heaven by an eagle.

Impossible not to mention San Pietro and the Vatican, Fori Imperiali, Trastevere, Piazza Novara e Piazza di Spagna as some of the most beautiful places of Rome. Not to be missed is Via Condotti that offers an opportunity for shoppin!

Among the Roman streets you can breathe the typical atmosphere that has made this charming city one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

A last but not least stop must be the well-known Fontana di Trevi where, according to the legend, people should have their back to it and throw a coin to come back to Rome!