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San Galgano

L’et’s start with the legend tied to San Galgano. Galgano who had been addressed to military life started to have visions where the archangel Michele was saying that he should become a soldier of God. He had many visions; one of these suggested to him to follow the archangel and he accepted to do it arriving to Monte Siepi, where he had his real conversion. At one point the horse refused to go on but with the prayers of Galgano it began to walk again and stopped near Monte Siepi. Right here Galeano wanted to make a cross pounting the sword into a rock because he didn’t find wood and in this way the “STORIA DELLA SPADA E DELLA ROCCIA” began.The sword, from 1180, can be admired by the chapel of Monte Siepi. Noteworthy is also the abbey of the city.

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