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It is worth mentioning also the Mangia Tower with its legend: it’s said that lucky money can be found at its basement and keep away hard situation. The tower, 88 metres high, gives to the visitors a breathtaking view of Siena.Siena, 90 km away from Castiglione della Pescaia, can be easily reached both by train, bus or private transports.
According to the legend, Siena was founded by the two children of Remo (the founder of Rome) fleeting from their uncle Romolo who was threathning them. During their flight they took with them the she-wolf that is still nowaday the city-symbol.
Siena is one of the most ancient and charming cities of Italy;
The typical horse race in Siena is the indisputed city-symbol that takes place on the 2nd of July and on the 6th of August. The competition, in which only 10 out of 17 parts (contrade) effectively participate to the palio, is much more than a manifestation, it’s a real continuation of a most renown tradition.The spirit of this very well-known manifestation can be breath all over the city, alive with colorful town festivals.
When one talks about this typical horse race one can not omit talking about the magnificent Campo Square around which the race takes place. Its typical shell-shape and its gentle slopes make it one of the most beautiful squares in the world.
Nearby is the already mentioned imposing Duomo; absolutely not to be missed the Baptistery and the Civic Museum.