Project Description


Pisa and its beauties can be admired on a day trip being the distance more or less 2 hours from le Rocchette. Easy to reach both by private transport as well as by train (station of Follonica). The real origin of Pisa is incert; the legend says that it might have been founded by inhabitant of old Troy fleeting from a their city which was known as Pisa. Others say that Pisa was colony of Genova. The origins have never been discovered; what is really relevant is the exceptional devolopment both architectural and commercial of the city in the following centuries. Pisa has been declared by the Unesco world heritage. Thinking of Pisa the first beauty which one has in mind is Miracle’s Square, or the Dome’ s Square. Set amidst a well-kept green lawn it has the Leaning Tower on one side and also the baptistery named after John the Baptist. The Dome with its bronze portal is the outstanding position; the style is romanic/pisan . Many other museums and churches are nearby. A curiosity: the leaning tower which is the only one which is known and visited is not the only one tower in town: the second one is in the campanile of San Nicol and the third one in the campanile of San Michele degli Scalzi.